When you find yourself cruising down Route 46, you likely don’t have much on your mind other than getting home. However, it only takes a minor issue to force you into calling a local tow truck for help right away.Unfortunately, you don’t always know which Clifton, New Jersey, tow service you can depend on for quick and convenient results. When you need more than the first cheap tow truck company you can find, you can still rely on us.

At Alvin’s Towing Service, we offer the best in local 24 hour towing service that saves you more on quality. From assisting you with vehicle winching to long-distance service options, we can help you the best all day and night.

You can rely on our drivers for superior towing service and roadside assistance options wherever your vehicle has broken down. Choose our team whenever you need help, from the I-80 to Route 3, and beyond, and save on better solutions.

As your best tow company in the area, we provide local drivers with professional services at affordable rates every day. From roadside assistance to smaller vehicle options, flat tires, and more, we can assist you the best on each call.

​No one else provides as many ways to keep you moving than our talented team of towing experts and more. With professional tools, equipment, and 24 Hr tow drivers, we guarantee your best results at lower pricing for any car.
Contact our staff today and discover a better source for your tow service needs, no matter when you reach out. We can assist you with faster, more reliable solutions for any size of vehicles and we can help immediately with:​

Whatever you need to get back home fast and safely, you can continue to rely on our drivers each time. See why we remain your top towing company throughout the broader Clifton, NJ, area and save on better services today.

24 Hour Tow Service

Some companies only offer towing services during office hours, leaving you out of luck when your car breaks down now. And when you find yourself stranded on Highway 21 in the dark, you can still depend on us to help.

Call when you need to know that someone always says at the ready to assist you with your vehicle issues. Day or night, we remain your local tow service that more area drivers turn to the most for their cars.


Emergency Towing

Emergency towing services means that someone feels in danger while their vehicle won’t move, keeping them in harm’s way longer. And when the towing company that you had called stays hours away, you only feel more unsure of their position.

As your nearby towing experts, we can rush to meet you whatever you need our assistance for any situation now. Our highest priority remains to keep area drivers safer, even in areas known for high traffic and dark roads nightly. 

Long Distance Towing

Long-distance towing services remain among the most cost-effective ways of transporting cars without adding more miles to their odometer reading. We secure your vehicle to our flatbed before transporting it anywhere you need it to go, keeping it traveling safely.

Whether you collect classic cars for auction or need to change residences, you can rely on us for long-distance services. Contact us today at Alvin’s Towing Service whenever you need our assistance, and we guarantee your vehicles always arrive safer.

Light Duty Tow

Light duty towing remains vital for those drivers with lighter classifications of vehicles that don’t always fit securely on trucks. Some towing services only have the capabilities of moving specific sizes of cars and trucks, leaving you stranded for longer.

Whether you need our assistance for motorcycle towing or another smaller class of vehicles, you can depend on our team. Contact us now when you need light-duty tow services and save more with our experienced drivers for convenient solutions today.

Medium-Duty Towing

The average driver of a standard passenger vehicle will find themselves in need of medium-duty towing services for better assistance. Otherwise, they could risk seeing their car, truck, or other machines become even more damaged on the way for repairs.

As your trusted name in complete towing services, we can help you with medium-duty options and more professional solutions daily. Call our staff now for your reliable local towing driver and experience your best source for services day or night.

​Flatbed Towing

Area drivers who see themselves in need of a company often search on their phone for “tow trucks near me.” What they don’t realize is that, if your vehicle must have a flatbed truck, not all providers offer it standard.

We offer affordable flatbed towing trucks that can move virtually any size of car or other vehicles without the hassle. Keep your tow service needs simple every day and night by choosing us for your reliable source for help now.


As part of our premier roadside assistance service options, we can give your dead vehicle battery a boost throughout town. No matter what style of car or the brand of battery that you use, you can rely on our team.

Unlike the use of jumper cables, we use a safe and practical tool that charges your drained battery onsite fast. Before you flag down the first stranger that you can find, allow our team to help you the straightforward way.

Tire Change

Changing out a flat tire remains no simple task, especially when you experience one far away from your home’s garage. Whether you had a blowout, picked up a nail near a construction site, or hit a deep pothole, choose us.

You no longer need to let a flat tire ruin the rest of your day when you have us now. Contact us as soon as you need help with your flat tires and see how quickly we get you going.

​Gas Delivery

Even experienced drivers can see themselves running out of gas before they can make it to a nearby fuel station. And when that happens, you can anticipate a long, hot walk to the nearest convenience store and then back again.

Instead, our roadside assistance experts bring the fuel to where you have broken down, saving you time and more frustrations. Contact us as soon as you find yourself out of fuel, and we guarantee faster relief each time for less.


Every driver will eventually lock their keys inside of their vehicle at one point or another, leading to locksmith bills. Unfortunately, not only will they charge you a small fortune to arrive, but they take forever to find your car.

Our team provides fast and affordable vehicle unlocking solutions that save you more each time you find yourself feeling forgetful. Contact us as soon as you find your keys locked away inside, and we guarantee faster responses each time.

Clifton Tow Company Near Me

When you need “towing nearby,” you can’t afford to sit around waiting for hours for help to show up.  As your most convenient source for professional towing services, we guarantee faster results and affordable pricing anywhere in the area.

Our drivers can get seen traveling throughout the region, helping more cars, trucks, and other vehicles in getting repairs sooner. No matter where in the greater Clifton community that you had broken down, our staff will be there each time.

Contact us wherever you need our towing drivers to arrive, and we will be there faster with experienced technicians now. Our team guarantees your quick and reliable solutions throughout the immediate community for more drivers, including the surrounding neighborhoods of:

​Whatever you require to get back home safely, you can depend on our towing drivers no matter where you stay. Contact us now for your most reliable solutions day and night and see the difference we can make for less

  • Clifton
  • Passaic
  • Nutley
  • Little Falls
  • Woodland Park
  • Paterson
  • Elmwood Park
  • Garfield
  • Lyndhurst
  • And more nearby cities
Whatever you require to get back home safely, you can depend on our towing drivers no matter where you stay. Contact us now for your most reliable solutions day and night and see the difference we can make for less.

Clifton Tow Company Near Me

Calling for a towing services provider remains a daunting task, especially if you haven’t hired one in a long time. And when you don’t know who offers the level of quality that you deserve, the decision becomes even more challenging.

Unfortunately, some companies charge premium rates for the same services their competitors will offer, costing you more in the end. And when you can’t seem to shop around and price check by the nearest highway, you need reliable towing providers.

Our staff does out part to save you more on 24-hour services throughout the Clifton NJ community time and again. When you need to know you’ve found the best value possible, you need us today.

Call us at Alvin’s Towing Service whenever you need our help, and we guarantee your best results.


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